Photo Challenge: Anticipation

via Photo Challenge: Anticipation


Skies probably the most picture I took.

I spent almost 12 hours in Jakarta. For me, Jakarta is a crowded place where we can’t exactly watch activities, let’s say the economic growth, without participated on it. Every second means everything and every time, everything moves so fast. I once thought, what is so special about Jakarta? People gets depressed in traffic, the weather can’t be predicted, deadlines, cars and motorcycles, and pollution. But then I realize Jakarta has its own beauty.


It was 13 December 2016, when me and my friend hung out on the rooftop to have a little chat. I’m not sure what was we talked about because I was enchanted by the city landscape. The sky especially. While people race to go home and stuck in traffic under our feet, the sky did their magic. Without knowing what will happen, they pray for a better tomorrow, for every one.


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