Super Late Review of Beauty and the Beast


I know it is too late to write a review. But I’m dying to write it in complete. More likely to tell the world that I am glad I had watched such a beautiful movie. To tell the world that Disney has successfully bring my childhood back.

The story.
As soon as the movie of Beauty and the Beast came out, my friend and I arranged our schedule to watch the movie. I really excited even from the first time I heard about this movie going to be remake as a live-action movie.

Beauty and the Beast is one of classical stories from French which told us the story about a young handsome prince who was selfish and unkind. Living in a shining castle, he was really haughty and arrogant. One day, when the storm came, an old beggar lady visited his castle, seeking a shelter to warm her body from the storm. She offered him a beautiful rose in return for shelter.

But the prince arrogantly refused the rose and banished her out. The prince did the wrong thing. He didn’t realize that the true beauty came from inside. The old lady magically turned into a beautiful enchantress. The prince try to appologize, but it was too late. Within a spell, she punished the prince and transformed him into a hideous beast. She placed a powerful spell to the castle and all who lived there.

The only thing that could broke the spell is if he could learn to love another and find a girl who trully love him before the last petal of enchanted rose fell. But sadly, no one knows who could ever learn to love a beast?

There is no much difference between the recent one and the last animated movie of Beauty and the Beast. And I really didn’t expect anything for Disney already made a great decision to bring my childhood back in Beauty and the Beast. All I want to do is just to watch the movie with my mama. And it happened. At the time it came out, I watched twice a day. First with my friend, Kiki, then with my mama and my little sister (plus her bf).

As you guys probably knew, the story was exactly the same. Though there are some new parts to explained all the odd things in the animated movie version, plus there are some additional songs as movie soundtrack, but I can tell you that there is no much difference.

Some additional scenes, like when Belle traveled to Paris with the Beast and so on, gave us the logical direction to fully understand the whole story about these two. Why the prince was so arrogant, why Belle is different than others in that little town. There are some parts that has been removed too from its animated movie, but it doesn’t made a huge difference at all.

Perfect. Is the only word that I can say to express how great Emma Watson here. She’s great and stunning. Can’t imagine what it would be like if Emma didn’t play the role as Belle. Her appearance is not the only thing that stealing our hearts. I think perhaps it’s because she’s got clever image as her own in real life, that she perfectly matched with Belle’s character.

I love all the casts. No words could describe how they. I think Disney wants to draw a beautiful image of diversity in the character.

The soundtrack.
That time when I knew that Ariana Grande took a parts in the soundtrack I was a little bit shocked. To be honest, I’m not a pro-team of Grande. She’s got beautiful voice and all but I think of someone maturer then her. On top of that her voice has totally different colour than Celine Dion, who’s sang the original soundtrack in the animated movie.

But she’s good though.

But still, I like the old version more. I’m sorry, no offense.

I love and sing along with all casts when they played “Be Our Guest”. That is my favourite song of all.

They also added some new soundtrack which, may I say, didn’t really impressed me. It was good but not too good. Some of my friends said that if this is a musical then the soundtrack could be a climax and had a deep feel but the new soundtrack (which the Beast sang in the tower when he sent Belle away to say her father) wasn’t really impressed me. No offense too in this part too.

I can’t recall when was the first time I watched Disney’s animated movie of Beauty and the Beast. But I’m pretty sure it was some time when I was in elementary school. At that time, my mama brought the movie video to our house and insisted us to watch it.

At first, I don’t really interested in that. I have less interest in a love-story which involved a different creatures. Beast. Aliens. Ever since long time ago. But Beauty and the Beast left special impression to me.

Thanks to my mama whose introduced Beauty and the Beast in such a lovable way to me.

When my mama told me, the story wasn’t exactly about true-love-kiss and happily-ever-after ending, I was a little confuse. Of course. What to expect in an elementary school girl who loved to watch Doraemon every Saturday and Sunday when you told her about love story? I didn’t know anything about it. But then, my mama told me that Belle was just like me, she loves reading books so much, it drawn a little of my curiousity.

Later I know, it is true. That Beauty and the Beast is not only a true love story. It contained almost all moral lesson that children need to learn.

The simplest is the Beast character, for example, was represent as a mean, selfish, arrogant, and cruel prince who always look anything from its cover. He loves to see everything beautiful, but act arrogantly on the opposite. True that we should never look something or someone through its cover. That the true beauty comes from the inside.

Anyway, if you accidentally read this post until the end and found some grammatical error or tenses, please let me know by leave some comments. I want to improved my English and I thought maybe it is the right time to start.

BONUS: another soundtrack that I loved from this movie..

Yiruma’s River Flows In You featuring Henry Lau

Jakarta pagi ini agak mendung. Dan stok lagu entah kenapa sendu.

This song isn’t literary will boost your mood up, neither a new song, but I guaranteed it will make you addicted to contemporary classical music.

…or if it doesn’t, let me know what song you listened to these day 😉



Yiruma’s Indigo. My favorite.


Monday Boost: Galih & Ratna

Apa yang salah dari hari Senin? Hari ini sama saja dengan hari-hari lainnya kan. Bedanya, hari ini menjadi awal dari satu pekan, awal aktivitas setelah dua hari libur. Biasanya, di hari Senin masih ada tuh rasa malas karena libur dua harinya kurang. Aku pribadi kadang merasa Senin datang terlalu cepat. Tapi here we are, like it or not, have to face Monday.

Monday boost, mungkin akan aku posting setiap Senin. Tujuannya, membantu diri sendiri agar tidak menjadi salah satu yang takut dan males berhadapan dengan Senin. Dan mungkin kalau ada yang baca dan ikut-ikutan terdongkrak mood nya kan Alhamdulillah.

Menemani Senin pagi (ini adalah awalan yang biasanya aku tulis untuk copywording di kantor), ada lagu Galih & Ratna versi GAC yang pagi ini naikin mood aku banget.

Galih & Ratna yang dinyanyikan GAC ini merupakan soundtrack film Galih & Ratna (dijadwalkan tayang di bioskop 9 Maret 2017), sebuah film yang merupakan proyek pembuatan ulang film romansa legendaris, Gita Cinta dari SMA (1979). Soundtrack Gita Cinta dari SMA gubahan Guruh Soekarnoputra ini aslinya dinyanyikan oleh almarhum Chrisye. Bagi yang belum pernah dengar mungkin bisa browsing-browsing di YouTube.

Versi terbaru ini diaransemen sendiri oleh GAC dan terasa begitu segar dengan sentuhan R&B. Jika versi Chrisye membuat aku tersenyum-senyum karena ‘kok kayaknya sweet banget yaa lagunya’, versi GAC ini berhasil bikin mood naik dengan musik yang “ngajak” nge-dance banget.

Terakhir, ada trailer film Galih & Ratna. Nggak sabar sih buat nunggunya hahaha